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Fabric Stabilizer - 121

Fabric Stabilizer spray holds fabric firm for machine embroidery. It is ideal for lace making, Battenberg, heirloom sewing, and applique. It is also great for sewing slippery fabrics such as chiffons and charmeuse. Fabric Stabilizer firms tricot to apply lace, etc. and holds voile, chiffon, and soft polyesters firm to sew.

This spray-on product makes sewing with delicate and slippery fabrics much easier. It is similar to spray starch but tends to be easier on your fabric and doesn't scorch or build up on your iron. Fabric Stabilizer is excellent for heirloom sewing as well as woven and knitted fabrics. Stiffen applique fabrics without using iron-on products. A light spray will stiffen your fabric for painting and will stop fabric from fraying until washed out. Proudly made in the U.S.A.!

  • Net Weight 9 oz.
  • Holds fabric firm for machine embroidery.
  • Washes out completely.
  • Test on fabric piece before applying to garment.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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Fabric Stabilizer - 121
Fabric Stabilizer - 121
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S. Al-Haddad commented on 29-Jun-2016 10:30 AM1 out of 5 stars
Recently I purchased a can of fabric stabilizer produced by your company.
However, when I tried to use it, it wouldn't spray correctly. The liquid simply
sort of sputtered at first then quite. I took it back to Hancocks, but they had sold out of the product, and as they are going out of business they wouldn't/couldn't do anything. As this seems to be a product delivery failure I am contacting you for replacement.

Thank you for you attention to this matter.

Sharon Al-Haddad

Sharon Al-Haddad
Peggy Bowker commented on 04-Jan-2019 08:01 PM3 out of 5 stars
I purchased a can of Sullivan's Fabric Stabilizer a while back and I tried to use it recently, and it won't spray. Can I get a new sprayer? Or is there some other way to release the spray? The can is almost full. Thank you.
Mary Paukstys commented on 31-Mar-2019 01:30 PM3 out of 5 stars

I am in the middle of a project, am almost out, and desperately need more!

All the online sources seem to state "out of stock".

Any help you can give me - preferably a.s.a.p. - would be GREATLY appreciated!