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The Original Quilt Basting Spray - 506

Save hours of frustration by eliminating the need for basting or pinning. "The Original" Quilt Basting Spray bonds either cotton or polyester batting to the top layer and lining. With just a quick, light spray, this product shortens basting time to about 10 minutes and holds fabric layers together snugly without shifting or tunneling your fabric.

Whether quilting by hand or machine, Quilt Basting Spray works great on projects of all sizes. A non-permanent bond allows the material to be repositioned as necessary. Lightly steam your fabric with an iron to reactivate the adhesive bond. This product is acid-free and ozone friendly. Proudly made in the U.S.A.!

  • Net Weight 7 oz.
  • Can be used for hand or machine quilting.
  • Apply sparingly for best results and allow time to dry.
  • CFC-free and ozone friendly.
  • Won't gum up your needle.
  • The absolute best value and performance on the market.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
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The Original Quilt Basting Spray - 506
The Original Quilt Basting Spray - 506
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Anita Bowen commented on 14-Aug-2019 07:27 PM1 out of 5 stars
Help! We’ve had a disaster. On a recent purchasing trip for fabrics to make Quilts of Valor, our committee included several cans of “The Original” Quilt Basting Spray, 7oz can.
Last week, we made our quilt tops.
Today we met to spray baste our quilts. We had a mess. All of us have had experience and success with other sprays but today, one thing happened after another. First, after shaking well, one can had nothing but propellant, nothing to make the fabrics stick. Then after lightly spraying one twin quilt top, the white button totally broke off. So, we used our 3rd can to finish the project. Started on the next quilt and again, the white button came off and would not work. So we were left with two unbasted quilts and a sticky mess.
We are just very disappointed with this product and as it was a purchase at a warehouse sale, there is no refund. Our next question is what on earth will clean the spray off of our clips we used to hold the backing, batting and top to the outdoor table. The can states a “number of non-staining organic cleaners” will clean overspray.....nothing we have tried will clean the metal clips...any suggestions?
Needless to say, we are very disappointed with this product.
Norma Hamell commented on 16-Sep-2019 10:51 AM1 out of 5 stars
The can says to clean the spray nozzle, but not what with. So I tried rubbing alcohol which worked on my fingers and once on the nozzle. The next time I left the nozzle in the alcohol for quite a while(forgot about it) and then the nozzle wouldn't go back on the seems to have deformed and still is plugged up. Now the whole can is unusable.
Any suggestions or remedies? I am very disappointed with this product!
Karen Vandeloo commented on 28-Apr-2020 06:36 PM1 out of 5 stars
Purchased this product since my usual basting spray was unavailable. Very disappointed in the quality and difficulty with using. The smell is strong and unpleasant and after 1 minute of use the nozzle came off. When I tried to place the nozzle back into place the can squirted contents over my floor and my hands. Vigorous hand washing over several hours finally removed the product from my hands. Luckily none dripped unto the quilt I was trying to baste. Can not recommend, nor will I ever purchase again.