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EDGE 12" x 24" Add A Mat - 39236

Create a LARGE cutting area that will fit your needs using the Add-A-Mat self-healing connectable cutting mats, each one of our mats has a simple to use system which allows you to expand your cutting area vertically or horizontally, this unique feature also makes it easy to replace worn parts. A double sided surface ensures that your mat will last twice as long. One Add-A-Mat and 4 corner joints included in package.
  • Self-healing cutting mat, non glare surface
  • Easy and fast to connect / disconnect
  • Easy to replace worn parts
  • Portable size that is easy to carry or store
  • Multiple combinations that fit most working tables
  • Gridded surface 10" x 22"

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EDGE 12" x 24" Add A Mat - 39236
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