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Rajah Pressing Cloth - 10995

Rajah Pressing Cloth is a chemically treated pressing cloth that takes out deep wrinkles. It can also permanently set creases and pleats. The heat of your iron releases the pressing cloth's chemical properties. It can produce extra-sharp creases or lay it flat to take them out. The chemical properties will not harm your fabric.

Use the pressing cloth on iron boards and other protective work surfaces. The Rajah Pressing Cloth measures 12" x 30" and provides protection from shine, scorch, water spots, and pressing marks. It is made of 100% Cotton. It is great for veils, neckties, hems, drapery pleats, wool fabric, and more! Simply place the cloth over your garment, dampen, and press with your iron. Use with a dry iron or steam. Wash the pressing cloth in cold water to get up to 1,000 uses.

  • 100% Cotton.
  • 12" x 30" size.
  • Takes out deep wrinkles.
  • Permanently set creases and pleats.
  • Great for veils, neckties, hems, drapery pleats, and wool fabric.
  • Use with dry iron or steam.
  • Up to 1,000 uses!
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Rajah Pressing Cloth - 10995
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