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Stitch & Ditch Heirloom - 1000

This item has been DISCONTINUED by the manufacturer.

Stitch & Ditch Heirloom is a convenient 3" wide by 70 yard long roll, is the perfect size for heirloom sewing. Use when sewing lace to entredeux, lace to lace, or the addition of ribbon or other trims, insert the Stitch & Ditch Heirloom beneath your fabric so the stabilizer is next to the feed dogs. Stitch & Ditch tears away easily, never disturbing your fine fabrics or delicate stitching.

OTHER USES: Button holes, simply tear off a small piece and insert it behind the fabric before you stitch the buttonhole. A lovely buttonhole each time. Light weight fabric seams on polyester, chiffon, china silk, rayon lining fabric can be a nightmare. Use Stitch & Ditch Heirloom, tear off the length of your seam, lay it behind the seam, and stitch. It will be flat and smooth, best of all it tears out without leaving whispies in the seam. Rolled Hems can be a real source of grief. Use under the fabric on your serger, the knife will cut the Stitch and Ditch from the edge, then gently tear the rest from a perfect hem. Vinyl Sewing can be a monster. The presser foot and the feed dogs want to hold the vinyl for dear life. Sandwich the vinyl between two pieces of Heirloom and sew away, then tear away. Embroidery on vinyl, not it is easy, use the sandwich procedure.

Stitch & Ditch Heirloom - 1000
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