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Quilt Shop Line Blue Thick Marking Pen - 48600

Mark your fabrics the right way with this Marking Pen. The thick blue line this pen makes can be easily washed without water.

Always make sure that you test the Marking Pen on a spare piece of the fabric you will be marking. Certain dyes in fabrics (such as red) will make mark removal more difficult.

Make a light mark on the wrong side of the fabric. To remove, wet a cloth with plain water and rub off the marks. A mark may re-appear after drying - simply repeat the process to remove it.

CAUTION: Never iron over marks, as it will make the mark permanent. Always make sure that the marks have been completely removed before laundering. Some detergents contain chemicals which may turn the marks a brownish color. Always be sure to replace the cap.

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Quilt Shop Line Blue Thick Marking Pen - 48600
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