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Quilt Shop Line Fabric Crayons - 48612

You can easily transfer your designs onto fabric to finish all sorts of clothes and crafts.


1. Sketch and color a drawing design on a non-glossy drawing paper. Make sure to use only 100% synthetic fabric or a blend which is 50% synthetic fiber or more. Use white or pastel colored fabrics for the brightest results.

2. Prepare an ironing pat topped with plain white paper. Place fabric on top of the pad. Lay the design on the fabric with another clean sheet of paper on top. Set your iron to a cotton setting - you need a hot, dry iron for the transfer.

3. Remove paper carefully. The design will remain permanently on the fabric. Wash fabric with warm water - DO NOT bleach or place in dryer.

Each package includes 8 crayons: Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange & Yellow.

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Quilt Shop Line Fabric Crayons - 48612
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