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Multi-Mark Pencil Blue - 37246

This mechanical-style pencil has 6 colors in 1, perfect for all shades of fabric. Mark your darks, light, and prints - all with one pencil. Water soluble marking pencil writes in white, yellow, red, green, blue, and brown. This handy 6 in 1 tool is a must-have for marking all of your sewing and crafting projects. 

  • Easy to use! Simply rotate the color dial and drag the slider down to use the selected color.
  • Pencil is approximately 5¾" long and ½" in diameter.
  • Lead can be sharpened with a nail file.
  • You can easily remove the markings from fabric with water, a damp cloth, or a sponge before pressing.
  • Also available in pink and purple.

Note: Due to varied fabric blends, sizing, and colors, always test an inconspicuous area prior to use to assure precise results. 

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Multi-Mark Pencil Blue - 37246
Multi-Mark Pencil Blue - 37246Multi-Mark Pencil Blue - 37246Multi-Mark Pencil Blue - 37246
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