Sullivans Embroidery Floss

Our premium quality 100% Egyptian cotton Embroidery Floss is superior... not similar. We have the independent test results to prove it!

Superior... Not similar.

In an independent test conducted February 2009 by SGS USA Testing Company, Inc., it was found that Sullivans Floss is not similar but superior to DMC® Floss when comparing Black and Bright Red Floss. Sullivans Floss offers the same 489 solid shades as DMC Floss, with the comparable DMC color number listed on every Sullivans skein, for easy design conversion.

Without raising prices, Sullivans Floss is superior to DMC Floss in the following categories:

  • Tensile / Breaking Strength
  • Elongation at Breaking Point
  • Knot Breaking Strength
  • Twist per Inch (higher twist means less tangling/knotting)
  • Colorfastness in both Dry and Wet Crocking tests

    and equal in all other noted categories.

    Plus, Sullivans Floss is maintaining its current retail price, allowing for a generous profit margin while selling a premium quality Floss made with 100% Egyptian cotton.

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