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Valium is the brand name for diazepam which is a very popular medication used in both human and animals. This article studies some of the various ways in which Valium can be used as a pain medication, dogs that are prescribed with Valium, and how to get online prescription for Valium from doctors. Additionally, we will delve into Reddit conversations about prescriptions for Valium.

Valium as Pain Medication

Apart from being used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms and seizures, valium can also sometimes be prescribed as a pain reliever. Being a benzodiazepine class of drugs means that valium works by enhancing activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter in the brain hence has calming effect on central nervous system. Such muscles spasms or tension pains are relieved through this action.

This is not generally first line therapy for pain but it may be given along with other medications if the pain results from muscle spasticity or anxiety related conditions. Patients should take their doctor’s instructions seriously to avoid possible addiction or side effects.

Diazepam Prescription for Dogs

Veterinarians administer diazepam to treat different illnesses suffered by dogs. As such this drug is commonly prescribed by veterinarians when dealing with anxiety conditions, dog spasms seizures among others it may also stimulate appetite in dogs suffering from certain medical conditions. Similar principles underpin its use in veterinary medicine as obtained in human medicine where it has calming properties and also relaxes the muscles.

Veterinarians prescribing diazepam for dogs consider such factors as dog’s weight, age, general health condition and the specific problem requiring treatment. The pet owner must follow strictly what the vet advised on dosage for the medication to be effective as well as safe.

Obtaining Valium Through an Online Doctor

As a result of telemedicine becoming more popular, people can now get their prescriptions filled online, including Valium. Getting a prescription through online consultations with licensed doctors can be facilitated if one meets certain requirements. This is especially beneficial for individuals unable to move or those in remote areas.

The healthcare provider will go over the patient’s medical history, symptoms and previous treatments during an online consultation. Once they have approved Valium on this basis it can then be prescribed by them which could then be filled out at any pharmacy of a patient’s choosing. Reputable telemedicine services should always be used for legal and safe prescription transactions.

Valium Prescription Discussions on Reddit

Reddit is home to many discussions about getting valium prescriptions. These conversations often involve users sharing stories about how they got it, what it does to them when they take it, and even how hard is it to obtain such a prescription. These discussions can provide valuable insights but should not replace professional medical advice.

For instance, r/Drugs, r/Anxiety or r/AskVet all have multiple threads about valiums. While these communities provide support and some anecdotal evidence, it would only be prudent to examine the contents critically while seeking personalized medical advice from your doctor.

Important Considerations

  • All instructions given by either a presiding doctor or veterinarian should be obediently adhered to by the recipient in order to avoid abuse and over-dependence.
  • Some of these include sleepiness, dizziness, or even worse respiratory depression if taken in high doses
  • Make sure any online consultation scheme is valid and provides certified healthcare providers.
  • Do not rely on Reddit-like forums for anecdotal evidence, but seek professional medical advice.


Valium is a drug that can be used in different forms such as anxiety relief and muscle relaxation in humans to seizure and anxiety treatment in dogs. The rise of telemedicine has made it easier to get a prescription for Valium, but it is important to use such services wisely, under the guidance of licensed professionals. Forums like Reddit may offer alternative viewpoints that should supplement rather than take the place of professional advice.

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