5/8″ Seam Tracer Bulk


Make a quick 5/8″ guide for sewing and quilting.

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Use a 5/8″ Seam Tracer to make a precise spacing for sewing and quilting. Now it’s easy to draw a seam around your patterns. Simply take the Seam Tracer, hold one pencil to the pattern and trace an even 5/8″ seam around the edge. When not in use, you can slide the lower holder down so that the pencil tips are protected from breakage. Many uses for sewists and quilters!

It is great for adding seam allowances. One of the basics of pattern making is drawing in a seam allowance on the pattern. Doing this ensures that you cut out all of the pattern pieces large enough so that when they are stitched together they fit perfectly. However, adding seam allowances can be tedious. When drawing your own pattern, adding seam allowances can be time consuming, as you are essentially having to draw your pattern a second time. This is an easy way to draw in seam allowances on a pattern piece using two pencils at the same time.

  • Make a precise 5/8″ spacing.
  • Works with any standard #2 pencils.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Safe for pattern carbon.
  • Easily and safely storable.
Each package includes one 5/8″ Seam Tracer and two #2 pencils. Pack Size is 6 packages.


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