Curved Basting Pins Size 2 Bulk


Curved Basting Pins Size 2, pack of 75.

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Our Curved Basting Pins Size 2 will keep your sewing and craft projects securely fastened. When it comes to quilt basting, these curved safety pins have an edge over straight pins. They are made of quality steel and feature a nickel-plated finish for enhanced durability. These pins feature a perfect angle to penetrate right through multiple layers of quilt without bending. They can hold up thicker materials if need be. Simply insert these curved pins into your quilt without difficulty to help keep your quilt flat. Sturdy and easy to use, these pins are a valuable addition to your sewing box.

  • Nickel-plated steel curved pins.
  • Great for basting your quilts!
  • Package includes Size 2 pins.
  • Great to keep in your sewing box.
Each package contains 75 Curved Basting Pins Size 2. Pack Size is 6 packages.


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