Pearl Cotton Size 5 Collection Bulk


Includes all 81 brilliant colors of Pearl Cotton Size 5!

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Sullivans Pearl Cotton Size 5 is a premium quality, non-divisible thread made from long-staple 100% Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is the finest quality in the world for needlework threads. It is double mercerized for a lustrous sheen. Therefore stitchers love the shiny, pearly thread. Plus its brilliant shades are colorfast and fade-resistant also. Pearl Cotton is available on a beautiful twist skein containing a convenient 15 yards of thread for your stitching pleasure. Its size 5 thickness makes it ideal for a breadth of different needlework techniques. 

This superior quality thread is available on a 6 inch long, twisted skein. Each skein features 15 yards of thread.  Plus the long-staple cotton helps to reduce fraying while stitching. You can always count on the quality. Use this luminous thread for cross-stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, punch needle, or other types of creative stitchery.  Pearl Cotton Thread is available in overdyed colors also.

Sullivans Pearl Cotton is 100% fade resistant and colorfast. Therefore you can wash it frequently without the color fading. Wash the thread at high temperatures such as 203° F/95° C. Give particular attention to the fabric on which the thread is embroidered.

  • Sullivans Pearl Cotton
  • Non-Divisible Size 5 Thread
  • Long-staple 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • 15 yards per 6″ twisted skein
  • Double mercerized process
  • Available in 81 brilliant colors
  • Great for cross-stitch, punch needle, and more
This selection includes one box each of 81 colors of Sullivans Pearl Cotton Size 5. Each box holds 6 skeins.