Stitch & Ditch Stabilizer Bulk


Stitch & Ditch Stabilizer is a wonderful multi-purpose stabilizer in a convenient 8″ wide by 70 yard roll.

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Stitch & Ditch Stabilizer is a wonderful multi-purpose fabric stabilizer. Use one or multiple layers for decorative stitching, stabilizing, buttonholes, light open embroidery designs, quilt paper piecing and so much more. The remaining stabilizer will disintegrate when washed. It does not damage delicate stitching and leaves no stiffness.

This stabilizer is available in a convenient 8″ wide by 70 yards roll. It is perfect for paper quilt piecing and machine embroidery. Simply draw or trace your design on the stabilizer then baste to hold the pattern in place. Once the design is stitched, easily tear the Stitch & Ditch away. For use when sewing lace to entredeux, lace to lace, or when adding ribbon or other decorative trim. It tears away easily, never disturbing your fine fabrics or delicate stitching.

Each package includes one 8″ x 70 yard roll of Stitch & Ditch Stabilizer. Pack Size is 25 packages.


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