Beading Needles Bulk


4 Beading Needles, Sizes 10-13.

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These Beading Needles are much thinner, in order to fit through the holes in tiny beads. Typically used for seed bead projects, our needles are perfect for bead weaving, stringing and working on the bead loom. Needles are always useful in jewelry making and should be a staple in every beader’s box. Shop additional hand needles here

It is easy to select the right tool for your next project. The number of the needle corresponds to the size of the eye and thickness of the needle. The sizes get larger as their number gets smaller. This package includes assorted sizes.

  • HTS Code: 7319.90.1000
Each package includes 4 Beading Needles in sizes 10-13. Pack Size is 10 packages. 


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