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Create stunning embroidery projects with Embroidery Needles.

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Make eye-catching patterns on stitching fabrics using Embroidery Needles. These embroidery hand needles feature a long eye for quick and easy threading and a sharp, pointed tip that can easily pierce close-woven fabrics. They allow for more control for placing the stitches. Made of high-quality nickel-plated steel, these needles are durable and sturdy. Ideal for embroidery and crewel.

It is easy to select the right tool for your next project. The number of the needle corresponds to the size of the eye and thickness of the needle. The sizes get larger as their number gets smaller.

  • HTS Code: 7319.90.1000
Each package includes 16 Embroidery Needles in your choice of size. Pack Size is 10 packages.

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