Ironing Center Replacement Ironing Cover


Replacement Ironing Cover for the Ironing Center.

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Utilize a large scale ironing surface with the Ironing Center Ironing Cover. It fits over a standard 59″ x 22″ surface. This replacement cover is great for pressing lengths of fabric and quilt tops easily and quickly. The one-piece construction is manufactured to last for many ironing sessions. Features tightening straps to keep the cover secure during use. Always remove the ironing cover before attempting to close the wings of the Ironing Center.

  • 59″ x 22″ Ironing Cover
  • Ironing yardage and quilt tops has never been easier or quicker
  • Fits Sullivans Ironing Center as well as other similar sized surfaces
  • Additional accessories not included
Each package includes one 59″ x 22″ Ironing Center Ironing Cover.


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