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Stops Squeaking, Sticking and Binding!

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Sullivans Silicone Spray creates a super slick, anti-static finish that dries fast with no greasy or oily residue. It makes tables and other surfaces slippery, allowing your fabric to sail over the surface smoothly with no friction or lint buildup. Spray on surfaces like scissors, metal, glass, rubber, or plastic surfaces. No greasy film will be left behind with this dry formula. Great for free motion quilters!

Safe for use on sewing machines and sergers for home hobby or school sewing. Keep difficult to work with fabrics from sticking to the presser foot or work surface when sewing or free motion quilting. Stops squeaking, sticking, and binding. Spray directly on to a spool or cone of thread, bobbins, or fabric to help eliminate skipped stitches. Use to lubricate the bobbin case and hook assembly on sewing machines to reduce thread breakage, especially when using specialty threads. Save time while protecting and preserving your equipment with Silicone Spray. Shop our additional Aerosols here. 

  • Net Weight 11 oz.
  • Dry, odorless, colorless, wax-less and non-staining formula.
  • Heat-stable and unaffected by temperatures ranging from -40ºF to 392°F.
  • No greasy or oily film.
  • Stops squeaking, sticking, and binding.
  • Replaces cumbersome silicone sheets for free motion quilting.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • SAFETY: As with all aerosols and sprays, use in well ventilated areas as it may cause eye, skin, and respiratory tract irritation. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Contents are under pressure and extremely flammable. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for use by children. Test on fabric piece before applying to garment.
Each can holds 11 oz. can of Silicone Spray. Pack Size is 6 cans. 

4 reviews for Silicone Spray Bulk

  1. Mary S.

    Great product. I will always use Silicone Spray when I quilt. I bought a silicone sheet but it was awkward and difficult to keep in place. I have finally found the right product!

  2. quilter

    Add “easier motions” to your sewing & quilting.
    Great product – wonderful to make quilting & free motion embroidery so much easier!

  3. wiseprez

    The recommended silicon spray of my quilt group, plus less expensive than Amazon.

  4. Amy

    I wanted to let you know what a fabulous job your silicone spray did on Sunday after we received five inches of wet, sticky snow! My driveway is large enough to fit six vehicles in it and when it snows, the big, galvanized scoop comes out. And in March, it usually takes forever because of the sticky nature of the snow. For some reason, I thought of my silicone spray that I bought for machine quilting. I sprayed the shovels and the scoop. Voila! One of the easiest snow removals I’ve had all winter! The snow only started sticking a little bit at the end when the temperature warmed. Thank you for making my life easier in a way you didn’t expect!

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