Sleeve Ironing Board Replacement Covers Bulk


Replacement Covers for the Sleeve Ironing Board.

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There is no need to buy a whole new board when you only need a new cover. These replacement covers are specially designed to fit the Sleeve Ironing Board. There are two sizes included, one for each surface size. Make your board last even longer with the Sleeve Ironing Board Replacement Covers.

Simply untie the existing cover and remove both the cover and foam backing. Place the new foam on the board. Then lay the cover flat and center it over the foam and board. Take hold of the string on one end of the cover. Starting from the opposite end, fold down the sides of the cover and gently pull the string out, securing the cover on the board. Tie the string off and your Sleeve Ironing Board is just like new again!

  • Two sizes – 21″ x 5″ and 19″ x 5″ covers and foam included.
  • Teflon-coated for a smooth ironing surface.
Each package includes 2 Replacement Covers and 2 foam backings. Pack Size is 6 packages.



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