The Gripper Bulk


Firmly grips fabric, thread, needles, and more!

With The Gripper, you can easily remove thread from stitches and seams. It can also assist with replacing machine needles or pulling needles through thick fabric. With a 5½” length, it allows you to clamp and hold fabric in place. Features high nickel stainless steel composition with a serrated grip. This tool will help you hold hard-to-handle items firmly. The sturdy, self-locking clamp offers full control.

  • High nickel stainless steel.
  • Serrated grip.
  • Sturdy, self-locking clamp.


  • Grip and remove thread easily.
  • Change needles quickly.
  • Clamp fabric firmly.
  • Push and pull as tube turners.
Each package includes one The Gripper. Pack Size is 6 packages.


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