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Two pairs of craft scissors and one embossing tool!

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Add personality to DIY projects for scrapbooks, cards, and more with this handy Craft Set. It includes two pairs of 6″ craft scissors and one embossing tool. Therefore you have all you need to create a custom project. Great for edging, stationary, greeting cards, and scrapbooking projects too. The scissors are ideal for intricate cutting, creating borders and decorating edges on paper or light cardboard. Create a pattern up to 4.5″ wide with the embossing tool. A visual representation of the embossing and scissor blades is in white ink on the items. Bring your craft projects to life!

If you’re passionate about DIY projects for your scrapbook, sewing, baking, and greeting cards, perhaps it’s time to consider buying an embossing tool. Easily add details to your next gift. Customized, nicely decorated and textured paper can help make projects truly special. You may also be interested in viewing our Decorative Scissors Set. 

  • One 4.5 inch wide Embossing Tool and Two pairs of 6 inch Craft Scissors
  • For use with paper goods or light cardboard too
  • Great for scrapbooking or making greeting cards
  • CAUTION: These scissors are very sharp and can be dangerous if misused. Always use with care and supervision children.
Each package includes one Craft Set with one embossing tool and two 6″ craft scissors. Pack Size is 5 packages. 

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