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Home Hobby Table Cutting Mat

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Fits perfectly on top of the Home Hobby Table.

Utilize a Home Hobby Table Cutting Mat to make a large cutting surface in your home. Our most popular size! Use this mat to turn your Home Hobby Table into a convenient workspace for sewing, scrapbooking, quilting, and many more projects. It’s a perfect fit! This cutting mat measures 36″ x 59″ and has a printed 33″ x 56″ grid. Made from high quality Low Density Polyethylene, an odorless and flexible material. Protect your surfaces from sharp cutting tools and abrasives. The printed measurement grid helps to mark projects for accurate cutting. The printed numbers are on the outside of the grid so as to remain visible while cutting. Diagonals mark 45° angles and yardage numbers allow for easy cutting of common sizes. Shop our other sizes of LDPE Cutting Mats here. 

  • Made from high quality Low Density Polyethylene, an odorless and flexible material
  • Cutting mat measures 36″ x 59″ with a 33″ x 56″ grid
  • Measures 0.085″ thick
  • Simple grid layout keeps cutting lines clean
  • Pin-able mats eliminate bunching and slipping during use
  • Can roll up for storage or travel
  • To flatten, lay your cutting may upside down and weigh down the corners for 24-48 hours
  • Additional accessories not included
  • Please Note: Our Cutting Mat Sizes may vary +/- 0.25″
Each box includes one Home Hobby Table Cutting Mat.
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 7 × 7 in

18 reviews for Home Hobby Table Cutting Mat

  1. Mom

    I purchased this Gridded Cutting Mat for my craft table which I purchased years ago. After laying it out on the floor (with 40# bags of wood pellets on it to flatten out for 2 days) it laid perfectly on my table. I love the convenience of having a full cutting mat on my work service. Now my girls and I are able to do a project together and I can teach them all at the same time. No more turn taking waiting for an available mat.

  2. LeArtiste

    I just set up my new sewing room/office. Space is at a premium With the room doing double duty, so I needed a cutting table that could fold down when not in use. I bought one here on Amazon and saw this cutting mat as a recommended item to go with it. I’m so glad I spent the extra money getting it. It fits perfectly and since it’s all in one piece, when I drop the table sides, the ends just hang over without me having to take it off and store it.

    A word of advice: it comes rolled up in a tight spiral, so it will need to flatten out before you can use it. I draped it upside-down over the folded table for a couple days while I worked on other things. Then I unfolded the table and placed it on right-side-up and it was nearly flat. Left it that way overnight and by morning it was perfectly flat. So expect it to be ready to use 2-3 days after unrolling. If you have to take it off your table for any reason, just prop it on one long edge against a wall to keep it from re-curling.

    As for durability, I mostly use scissors for cutting my fabric as opposed to one of those blade-wheel things that looks like a pizza cutter. I got the mat for measurements and to protect the table surface. It seems like a pretty durable material, though not the same as the self-healing cutting mats I’ve bought in the past. It’s more like the plastic cutting boards you buy for your kitchen. Of course you don’t really care if your kitchen cutting board gets grooves in it, but you would if your craft cutting mat would, so I suggest you be a little gentle with it.

  3. EJ

    Nice touch to my cutting table. Fabric fibers do get caught in the groove when using the cutting wheel.but wipes away with hands.

  4. Mimikatherine

    I am so glad I purchased this cutting board, I use it as a workspace/table, for cutting, etc. The actual dimensions listed are the dimensions of the board itself, the actual measurements printed on the board are an inch or two less. Used a coupon/sale and got this at an amazing price. I was using an older cardboard cutting mat before and this blows it out of the water. Somewhat difficult to store as it is quite large but can be rolled

  5. Megan

    I love this mat. I use long cuts of fabric for skirts and dresses, and I can generally get an entire pattern piece on this without having to shift the fabric as I’m cutting.

  6. Paul

    Not sure about these reviews! I’ve had this mat for at least 8 years and have done some heavy duty cutting. I use it to make outdoor gear and cut heavy Cordura fabrics. I leave it out all the time and once it uncurled from the store, it’s always stayed flat. I do have one small area where it’s starting to cut through, but that’s from having someone help me who was pressing much harder with the rotary cutter than was needed, and doing back and forth cuts… his fault, not the mat. I’m here to look for another for a larger table.

  7. Norma

    I recommend this product to all; fast delivery, wonderful.

  8. Kris

    Thick mat with nice number marks. The mat is nice and flat, I keep it unrolled in my closet and it stays flat too.

  9. Lacey

    Fits perfectly on my craft table for easy cutting. Very durable, therefore not good for transporting to classes – keep this one at home.

  10. Julie

    I love it! A great size for what I wanted to use it for. Well made, nice and thick, and so far has held up great! I laid it out flat when I first received it and stacked heavy books on it to flatten it out. It only took a few hours to flatten and I keep it stored that way. Good weight to it and stays where you put it when you cut on it. I would highly recommend this item.

  11. Ardelis

    This is the best cutting matt that I have. I use this to cut my quilt blocks on. The size is great as it totally covers the HOME HOBBY TABLE I purchased at the same time

  12. sherry

    I use this for quilting. I like the large size to cut on, which works very well. The inch marks also are very nice to have, Very good buy.

  13. Sally

    This mat covers my dining room table and allows me to lay out larger pieces of fabric for cutting.

  14. Linda

    This mat works great. Protects the top of the table top.

  15. barbara

    I would recommend getting it with the hobby table. Perfect accessory for the hobby table. Came rolled up but laid perfectly flat in minutes.

  16. Jackie

    Bought this cutting mat to use for crafts and cutting fabric on my Sullivan folding craft/sewing table and it has works well. The imprinted measurements on the mat is very convenient.

  17. Julie

    Shipping was quick. Mat was rolled from the backside so I just unrolled and put it on the floor. Within hours it was laying flat. I have cut on it once with a rotary cutter and it is fine. I was expecting a flimsy product so I was pleasantly surprised with the thickness of this mat. I am very happy with my purchase.

  18. Texas Quilter

    Great mat! Bought to fit my cutting table. Love it! Heavy duty, easy to read markings.

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